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98% of website visitors say authentic customer reviews are the most important factor influencing their appointment decision

- Robert Cialdini in his book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"

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Newest reviews from all the platforms in one place

No more mess between different sources.
Our reviews database updates once a week to ensure your users always see that the business is actively operating.

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On 95% of websites, there is no way to determine if a review is real or fake.

Currently it's not possible to trust by seeing review on the website as it's not clear whether the author is real and text is genuine.

That's why all our reviews are clickable and user can see original text and author from the platform it was taken.

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Reviews are pivotal in influencing consumer decisions. A robust collection of positive testimonials can significantly boost conversions and, in turn, drive higher sales.

Improve Google Search position & SEO

User-generated online reviews not only boost brand recognition but also improve your search engine rankings and online visibility, leading to greater organic traffic.

Show real trustworthy reviews

Stand out from the competition by having clickable real reviews that hold the authenticity of trusted platforms.

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Converting twice as many Visitors into Customers

A game-changer in uplifting our brand image, focusing solely on 5-star customer reviews.

David M. Hassid, DMD

Dentistry Owner

Displaying increased social proof has already had a noticeable effect on my revenue and conversion rates.

Amy Woehrmann MD

Aesthetics Salon Owner

Integration was amazingly quick during our call, exceeding expectations in speed and ease!

Larry Fan, MD

Plastic Surgery Founder

The Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University

Provided a report of Evidence of the Power of Online Reviews to Shape Customer Behavior

We found that online reviews have a significant and quantifiable impact on purchase decisions

Five stars is
too good to be true

The more stars assigned to a product, the higher is the likelihood of purchase but only up to a point. When the average rating moves past the optimal 4.2 to 4.7 range, purchasers become suspicious that the ratings are phony and are less likely to buy.

Verified buyers are gold as reviewers

Verified buyers, who have been confirmed to be previous online purchasers (rather than paid reviewers), are viewed as more credible. Accordingly, their presence on a site increases sales measurably.

Negative reviews establish credibility

Consistent with the Center's contention that near-perfect ratings undermine trustworthiness, the presence of a negative review adds credibility to product evaluations. In fact, if a site includes some negative reviews, the conversion rate jumps by 67 percent.

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Reviews summary

This feature presents a comprehensive summary of reviews, showcasing the overall star rating, the average rating, and the total count of reviews, providing a quick and clear insight into customer feedback and satisfaction levels from all of the connected platforms.

Feature can be disabled in settings.

Are you on the dark side?

Our widget seamlessly integrates with your website's dark theme, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing experience. It adapts to match your site's darker color palette, maintaining the aesthetic consistency and elegance of your interface.

Five-Star Filter

This feature enables businesses to filter and show exclusively 5-star or / and 4-star reviews, providing a streamlined way to showcase the highest level of customer satisfaction and top-rated experiences.


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